11-Days Osho Dynamic Meditation


This is a biannual tradition with Satsanga - to jump into the fire of Osho Dynamic Meditation for consecutive mornings! Join Maitreya on this 11-morning challenge to go deeper into your Self. Definitely these opportunities are rare, so best to jump in with communal support while you can!

 To experience Dynamic Meditation is a unique call to all those who are tired of getting pulled into endless life dramas, experiencing the roller coaster of emotions and old thinking patterns. Now is your chance to completely throw out all that remains within in those deep hidden places, which somehow continuously surface just when we try to be silent. This is THE opportunity for an inner detox and a rare chance to do such a powerful & consistent process under the guidance of Maitreya while he visits Singapore.

The challenge: to practice Dynamic Meditation for 11 mornings in a row (or as many as you can make)! Dig deep and find the will power to experience this transformational process. It is said that mental patterns, habits, and conditionings can be completely transformed after successive days of repetition.

Dynamic Meditation is an extremely powerful technique developed by Osho to release stored emotions, clearing the way for deep silence, connecting to that place of inner witnessing that simply watches the entire process. During this unique 1-hr meditation, you will journey through 5-stages including dynamic breathing, cathartic expression, active mantra, silence and free dance.


* You are most welcome to drop in or sign up for the whole package. If you are new to Dynamic Meditation, be sure to first watch the instructional video below and also to let us know so we can schedule time before the session starts to introduce you to the technique.


Date & Times: 

Saturday 15th April - Tuesday 25th April 2017

6:45am - 8:00am


* Note: we will start EXACTLY on time. Please arrive few min early. Other than the first day (15th April), there will not be a formal introduction to the technique since we are practicing daily. However, you can watch the video below, as well as arrive 10 min early to have personal instruction from Maitreya. The last 15 minutes are spent in silence of this technique. If you need to leave for work early, we can arrange.


The Dance Studio, Level 2 @ Tessensohn Civil Service Club

60 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217664


Pay per class: $30 SGD (advised to do at least 3 sessions)

3 classes: $80
11 classes: $280

Do take note that no refunds will be given for missed classes and sharing is not allowed.

Facilitated by Maitreya.



- Wear loose clothing & eat light breakfast only.

- Bring a water bottle with you

- Very nice shower facilities are available but are charged at 1$ per usage to CSC.

- A beautiful outdoor swimming pool is also available for us, but costs 2$ per usage as well.

- If you need to leave the sessions early, please let us know and we can tap you when it is time for you to go so that you dont have to worry about timing and you can leave silently.

- Be sure to turn off mobile phones when entering. Bags can be stored in the bag rack inside the studio.

For a description of the process, play the video and view the demos HERE.
No RSVP is required - - simply show up and jump in! :)

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