3-Days Osho Dynamic Meditation with Maitreya


Friends, here is an opportunity to dive deep into the layers of our Self with three mornings of Osho Dynamic Meditation, an incredible technique for inner cleansing and for establishing the witness-consciousness. If you are carrying repressed emotions, stagnant energy, physical or mental stress, blockages of any kind that impede you from finding your inner silence, join us for this cathartic opportunity to clear, let go and BE. Osho Dynamic Meditation is a powerful tool to bring you to a deep state of awareness while at the same time allowing you to clear, simplify and release. These will be uniquely facilitated by Maitreya, a long time sannyasin of Osho. 


Early Mornings 17th - 19th Nov 2016

6:45am - 8:00am

at Urban Spirit

Facilitated by Maitreya

$ 40 drop in or $ 90 for 3 mornings


During this unique 1 hour process you will journey through 5 stages including deep breathing, cathartic expression, active mantra, silence and free dance; that will leave you feeling refreshed both physically and mentally and allow a real inner peace to emerge. The depth of this technique is enhanced when practiced in a powerful group energy and the experience is always different. The meditation is best practiced early in the morning to build energy and bring awareness for the day ahead.

More about Dynamic Meditation


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