About the meditations at Satsanga

At Satsanga, we practice a variety of meditation techniques, ranging from silent sittings to active meditations, and invite you to join us on this journey.

The techniques we share are meditations primarily taught by Osho, as well as influenced by Tibetan Buddhism & Vipassana. For the modern person, it can be extremely difficult to still the mind and go directly to silent sitting when most of our day is consumed with activities, work and so many kinds of stimulus. Though we sit silently with eyes closed, the mind is usually hyperactive behind our peaceful, facial demeanor.

Thus, the active techniques utilise movement and sound to first concentrate the mind and then to bring internal awareness. By going in stages, emotions can be released, energy can be moved, and we can eventually come to a natural stillness & silence


For more than 7 years, we practiced the below techniques weekly every Tuesday. This beautiful tradition has been let go as of 25th October, but we will still offer workshops and special series with these techniques. Please join our mailing list to be updated.

 Nadabrahma Meditation

Kundalini Meditation

Chakra Sound Meditation

No Dimension (Sufi) Meditation

Gourishankar Meditation

Devavani Meditation

Toning Meditation

Mahamudra Meditation

Chakra Breathing Meditation



Usually once a month or every two months, we facilitate Osho Dynamic Meditation (at Civil Service Club Dance Studio).  During this unique 1-hr process, you will journey through 5-stages including dynamic breathing, cathartic expression, active mantra, silence and free dance. Dynamic Meditation is a powerful technique to bring awareness to the observer, truly engaging in the present moment, and is suitable for beginners or long-time practitioners. We also host 14-day or 21-day Dynamic Meditation Series two times a year. Stay tuned for more info!


Dynamic Meditation



Twice a year, usually around April/May and Oct/Nov, we offer a 4-day Active Meditation Retreat in Malaysia / Thailand and a 7-day Retreat to Bali, conducted by Maitreya. In these retreats, one can simply leave all roles and responsibilities aside as Maitreya gently guides us through cathartic cleansing to delicate states of silence. Dropping of the Ego and the Mind, one will find inner peace through Osho-inspired movement, dance, music, vocal sounds, breath & silent observation, while being warmly embraced by the purity of organic orchards and virgin jungles. Lucky Valley Resort has two mystical meditation halls surrounded by pristine nature that support our inner process beautifully, and with Maitreya's guidance, this is a journey not to be missed! The Bali retreat takes place at a beautiful retreat centre situated between rice fields, rivers and distant volcanos!




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