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 Once upon a time, Amber was a scientist, working with a team of talented minds in Singapore to regenerate bone from stem cells. In 2008, she resigned this creative work and leaped into the unknown, following the passions of her heart and her longing to become a Scientist of the Spirit :). This exciting quest brought her deeper into her own yoga and meditation practice, and love for Ayurveda, as well as opened a whole new realm of possibility.

In 2009, she brought an inspiring teacher from India to visit her home in Singapore and to share meditation with her and her friends. After this catalysing visit, friends asked for a place to practice meditation and also asked for yoga classes. Upon this nudge from Existence, Amber cleared the furniture first from a little room and then as the classes began to grown, she cleared the living room as well! And over time, friends brought friends brought friends and suddenly a beautiful, vibrant community had formed, right in the heart of Singapore.

To many's surprise, this is not a large yoga studio or a commercial business...it is a home residence that has been turned into a beautifully and dynamically charged gathering place for all to come and simply connect to themselves, which in turn allows connection to one another. The vision of Satsanga, a community of Truth, is to create a safe and nurturing home where all can have the freedom to walk their own path towards understanding and becoming the Truth that they are, without dogma, creed, label or judgement. Some may come simply for rest, for destressing, for healing, emotional clearing, awakening, evolution, connection or even more. This space exists because of you. At Satsanga, you can find HOME, right in the middle of your heart. Just come here to simply BE.

Over the years, Satsanga has grown into a dynamic, vibrant Community of Diversity and Oneness! Amber has put her heart into nurturing this Community, particularly offering donation based meditations every Tuesday as well as a variety of other events including yoga classes, ecstatic dance meditations, private 1:1 healing/holistic wellness counseling, meditation workshops, Ayurveda courses, kirtans, movie nights, vegetarian potluck dinners, retreats, community outings, guest facilitators and more. 

Running Satsanga is now the full time vocation of Amber in Singapore. Your donations for the weekly meditations are deeply appreciated to help keep the doors open of this heart-studio. In 2014, Amber's beloved partner, Daniel, joined the Satsanga family and now co-runs Satsanga with her full-time, also offering many heart centered classes. 

We invite you to become a part of the Satsanga community, where all are welcome!

 Hari Om Tat Sat

Amber @ Satsanga



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 *** UPDATE :)  After the birth of their daughter and the ongoing experiment to keep the doors of Satsanga Cambridge Road open, Daniel and Amber have now come to the bittersweet decision to move all Satsanga events to other studios and allow Cambridge Road to return to a private residence. With so much love in their hearts, they let go of the Tuesday evening meditations and now will share Satsanga events around Singapore and through the global community. Join us for this expansion! ***



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