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This dear soul sister joined the Singa Satsanga family in 2010 through the practice of kirtan, true to her style as she has one of the most bhakti hearts on the planet! :) <3 Through the years, Amy has since become more involved with Satsanga activities, being the primary inspiration for our family art projects & community events. She also regularly facilitates weekly meditations for Satsanga and holds space for our monthly Women Sacred Circles. Additionally, Amy offers private and group yoga classes within the temple of her own home. 



More about Amy

Amy met yoga in her early 20s, and rekindled her ever evolving relationship with it in 2008. 

Yoga continues to teach her many lessons: about softness as strength, forgiveness, vulnerability as courage, kindness, integration of self, present moment awareness and fun. 

Through movement and breath in the practice, Amy aspires to share the many benefits of yoga she has received, with like-minded brothers and sisters. 

Inspired by her traditional training in hatha yoga and her deep appreciation for heartful modern yoga, meditation and spiritual teachers like Jack Kornfield, Dalai Lama, Elena Brower, Pema Chodron, Sianna Sherman, & Satsanga's very own Amber Sawyer, she interweaves her classes with quotes, meditations, and juicy shavasanas, with consistent guidance of remembrance of self love and acceptance in her classes.


Amy offers the below classes in her home, a temple of the heart located in Holland Village.

Hatha Flow class description: 

This class explores aspects of both static (hatha) and dynamic (flow), as we move the body with the flow of breath, encouraging the dance between challenge and ease. 

We emphasis in our practice, using the breath, as the primary tool that guides us in our practice: physically, mentally, emotionally. 

This is a mixed level class, with variations shared, so as to stretch yourself to the intensity you choose for your own practice. 

Also available for kids yoga classes (private groups, birthday parties).

The yoga space is situated in Holland Village, Singapore.
Email: theradiantspark@gmail.com for more details 


"Amy is a wonderful yoga teacher with a kind, loving and friendly nature. Her happiness is contagious and makes her classes a truly enjoyable experience. She is very supportive and encouraging, which made me always feel very comfortable in her classes, and her warm welcome when I came to my first class immediately made me feel at home. Through group exercises she also spread this pleasant atmosphere and encouraged a bond amongst the members in the class. Her thorough demonstrations gave me a good idea of what we were meant to be doing and Amy was always on hand to help and gently correct if needed. Amy has an evident love for yoga and clearly enjoys sharing this; she transmits her positive energy and outlook on life into her classes, leaving you feeling calm, happy and fulfilled." - Megan Pooley, 20, Uni Student

"As a new Mum I've found getting back into yoga with Amy's classes to be a great way to have a little 'me time'. Of course the exercise element is great, both in terms of getting back in shape, with lots of poses that you can take forward and practice at home, and in terms of stretching out tired and cramped muscles. But I also really value the spiritual element of our practice too, and find the classes a great way to relax and reconnect." - Anna Heath, 35, Client Services Director 

"Since starting Amy’s classes, I have learnt to be more mindful and focused during yoga practice and will end each class with a more peaceful mind. This feels great after a busy day at work! I am looking forward in developing strong core muscles and a healthier mind by practising yoga. She is also very friendly and takes good effort in knowing her students. The space that she teaches in is comfortable and Amy also kindly provides yoga mats and props. Thanks Amy, for the constant encouragement!" - Lynn Toh, 26, Podiatrist 

"Including yoga in my weekly routine has given me much joy and relaxation. The classes aren't overly demanding but rather they get you to focus just enough to put you in a state of mind where you're caring for yourself and not the hustle and bustle of the outside world. I've always wanted to learn Yoga, but have been often put off by most commercial courses. However, learning yoga from Amy has been just a pleasure. Its been a very relaxing and education experience. Amy is very patient and I like the way she reminds us that we're all made different and should listen to our bodies instead of over pushing ourselves whichh we tend to want to do." - Jane Tan | 24 | Artist

This week with Satsanga

Tuesday, Aug 22 at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday, Aug 26 at 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday, Aug 29 at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday, Sep 5 at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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