Ananda Mandala Meditation

Saturday 11th June
Saturday 9th July
Saturday 13th Aug
Saturday 24th Sept

7:30pm - 9:30pm

$ 30

RSVP to Owen (9683 9693)

Block 5 Boon Keng Road, #03-70


Ananda Mandala is a guided meditation technique that involves deep breathing correlated with attention at each of the seven chakras (energy centres), followed by silent sitting. As chakras correlate to our physiology, emotionality, mentality and spirituality, attention at these energy centres can have a profound effect on the body/mind complex, as well as stimulate a rise in life force energy. By cultivating awareness throughout the process, we prepare ourselves to ultimately rest in silence, where we can witness our deepest nature.

This session will be facilitated by Owen Yeoh, a dedicated practitioner of active meditation methods. As this technique involves a deep belly breath and a fast and forceful exhalation, one should be in good health to practice Ananda Mandala. Ananda Mandala is not recommended for individuals with respiratory difficulties, heart conditions or that are pregnant.



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