AUM Meditation 11 April 2010

Maitreya returned from India for a meditative visit to Singapore...this is our first AUM meditation of the year that he facilitated at Wasabi Yoga. This is an incredibly powerful, dynamic & cathartic journey that takes each person from the core of their emotions to a potential depth of silence that they rarely experience. So many of us go through the days wearing masks, behaving in a certain way that is expected of us, playing roles and storing emotions rather than letting them go gently, without attachment. Because of this, the Mind can be overactive when we try to sit in a silent meditation...the internal peace is disturbed by all the thoughts and emotions to which we are clinging. In this 2 hour process, we explored 12 human emotions, including anger, sadness, love, laughter, joy and chaos, released stored emotions and eventually came to an internal stillness and silence. This cleansing journey is extremely powerful when performed in a group. We created a protective space to explore our emotions while maintaining a natural state of witnessing, allowing us to observe the balance between negative and positive emotions and finding peace within.
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