While developing our meditation practice in an urban environment is essential for daily living, there is something uniquely special about retreating into nature to deepen one's inner journey. Within a natural environment, one can renew the senses, rejuvenate the body & mind, and find the space for reflection, contemplation, stillness & silence. We invite you to join us for our annual 7D/6N meditation retreat facilitated by Maitreya amongst terraced-rice fields and the Unda river in the mountainside of East Bali! To see photos from our previous retreat, click HERE. This is a beautiful experience! This retreat is for those who have practiced active meditations with Maitreya or Satsanga previously. The purpose of the extended retreat time is to enable the practitioners to go deeper into their practices, both within the group and personal meditations. This is not a spa holiday or a sightseeing trip -- the purpose of this retreat is to go deeper inside yourself <3


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The Retreat Centre

We will have an exclusive stay at the beautiful Nirarta Centre in Sidemen, Bali. Nirarta is set in a lush river valley of terraced-rice fields and tree-clad hills, straddled by the imposing presence of the sacred mountain, Gunung Agung, to the East of Bali. The views and atmosphere are breathtaking. Nirarta has 11 guest rooms in six bungalows (twin-sharing), each with delightful views. A large, light, eight-sided wooden-floored meditation hall lies at the heart of Nirarta, also accommodating the staff, who meditate twice daily. All the bungalows are connected by paths running through the lush flower-filled gardens. A refreshing breeze up the river valley keeps the temperature pleasant, as is true for the Nirarta site as whole. Nirarta’s gardens border the river for more than 150 metres. To the north, two forks of the river merge and swimming is refreshing, delightful & part of the experience!  Massage & reflexology are also available.


We will sleep in beautiful, cosy bungalows throughout the resort with 4 - 6 people per bungalow (each bungalow is divided into two levels, with 2 - 3 people going into each level. The upstairs and downstairs both have private toilet / shower).

Two bungalows are by the river but require the persons to be quite fit to make a walk up and down a set of stairs daily to the meditation hall. Please indicate on the REGISTRATION FORM if you would like either of these idyllic bungalows :)

If you have a friend you would like to share your room with, please indicate on the REGISTRATION FORM. Otherwise you will be paired female-female, male-male, except for the couples attending, of course (unless you want to be separated!)

32 C high, 26 C low, some rain, some sun, beautiful Balinese weather! :) We will be inland and a bit in the mountainside so it can also get cool in the mornings and evenings.


Nirarta Awareness Centre (location of the retreat)
Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness
Address: Sidemen, Karangasem 80864, Bali, Indonesia

Tel: +62 366 530 0636
Mobile:+62 81 246 52 123 Contact: Dayu Mayuni


Massage and Bodywork
If you are interested in massage or private sessions of any kind, you can view here to see more: http://www.awareness-bali.com/BaliGetaways/Getaways.html (there is a link you can follow to see the costs so you have an idea of extra Rupiah to bring with you - any side activities are not covered in the retreat cost)
All vegearian meals will be served. Eggs will be served separately from dishes. There is a kitchen and pantry if you need to bring something special for yourself. Meals will be taken 3x per day. The food is excellent in this place!! You wont be disappointed :)
There is wifi at the resort in the dining area and mobile service should work fine as well, although we highly recommend you limit your phone and computer usage. The resort provides linens and towels and these things are changed daily in the rooms.



This week with Satsanga

Tuesday, Aug 22 at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday, Aug 26 at 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday, Aug 29 at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday, Sep 5 at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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