Chakra Breathing Meditation

This is an energising technique described by Osho to bring awareness to each energy centre through active breathing.

Stage 1 - 3 (each cycle through the chakras is repeated for a total of three times) 15 min

Standing, with a relaxed body including legs, pelvis, belly, arms, shoulders and face, bring attention to the root chakra at the base of the spine. Keep the mouth open and the eyes closed; begin breathing in a rhythmical manner according to the music, as if breathing directly through the chakra. Maintain this breath pattern along with gentle bouncing of the body for 1 - 2 min, then advance to the next chakra when the music changes. Continue through each chakra, increasing the frequency of the breath and body movements. Allow any sounds to come; keep the body fully relaxed and the mind aware of all sensations through the body. Once the crown chakra is reached, gently allow awareness to descend to the root chakra and repeat the cycle.

Stage 4: 10 - 15 min

Sit or lie down; remain completely aware of all sensations/thoughts/space.

The technique lasts one hour and is performed standing. Come in comfortable clothing and on an empty stomach.

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