Chakra Sound Meditation

Chakra Sounds Meditation

Chakra Sounds Meditation uses vocal sounds along with music to bring awareness to the chakras, or energy centres of the body/subtle body. This meditation can bring you into a deep, peaceful, inner silence using the vibrations of sound directed at each chakra.  
First Cycle (16 min):

Close your eyes and listen to the music while beginning to make the corresponding vowel sound of the first chakra. Follow the pitch of the music as a guide and spend 2 minutes at each chakra, working your way to the seventh chakra in 14 minutes. Once at the top, then come down through all seven chakras in a total of 2 minutes, letting the music guide your descent. 

First chakra (Root)- located at the base of the spine. Tone with the deepest “UUH”, as in “cup”, a very low guttural sound just gently riding on the breath.

Second chakra (Sacral) - located about 2-3 inches below the navel. Tone using a higher pitched but still deep “OOO”, as in “you”.

Third chakra (Solar Plexus) - located above the navel. Tone using a higher pitched “OH”, as in “go”.

Fourth chakra (Heart) - located in the centre of the chest. Tone using a higher pitched “AH”, as in “ma”.

Fifth chakra (Throat) - Tone using a higher pitched “EYE”, as in “my”.

Sixth chakra (Third Eye) - located in the middle of the forehead slightly above the eyes. Tone using a still higher “AYE”, as in “say”.

Seventh chakra (Crown)- Tone using the highest pitched “EEE” sound, as in “me”, you can comfortably make.


Repeat this cycle 3 times (total of 48 min) & then sit or lie down in silence for 15 min.


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