Dance with Satsanga

Dance, or free movement of the body, is a beautiful way to practice awareness, expend/explore/experience energy, to find relationship between emotions and the body, as well as to cultivate general body awareness & connection. At Satsanga, we offer many events related to dance, including Dance Meditations, Shiva Devi Dance Journey, Embodied Dance and more. There is no dance skill or experience required - if you can breathe, you can dance! :) All of these techniques offer incredible ways to drop inhibition, free yourself and find your inner Spirit. See below for more details and upcoming events!


Dance Meditations

Many of the techniques listed below utilise some form of movement, particularly free dance, as part of the active meditation. These techniques offer a great way to connect body, mind and spirit, as well as to prepare one for deeper silent, sitting meditation.  Some of the techniques that we practice at Satsanga that use movement are: Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Devavani Meditation, Gourishankar Meditation, Maha Mudra meditation, and Sufi Meditation. To see when we are next practicing these techniques, look on the homepage under the Upcoming Events!





Shiva Devi Dance Journey: a form of Ecstatic Dance

Shiva Devi is a ceremonial experience that includes gently warming up the body, ecstatic dance (free, spontaneous dance to high vibrational music), and ending with a guided meditation. This journey is accompanied by live drums & sacred scents. The process is co-facilitated by Amber & Daniel, and together they will inspire us to explore our inner most Self through free movement, consciousness, play, rhythm and spontaneity. No dance experience is necessary - all are simply coming together to find freedom through spontaneous movement & self expression :) To see when is the next upcoming Shiva Devi, click HERE.



Embodied Dance
Embodied Dance” is a unique movement modality created by Daniel “Sonic” Rojas, that combines elements of different dance cultures to inspire freedom,
creativity & expansion, to break the boundaries of dance and explore feeling through movement. This class will bring together a variety of dance elements, as well as utilise breath, oscillations, mirror work and communication through movement, to gain better understanding of our body and our innate musicality. Through movement with a rhythm, we not only heal ourselves physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well as develop a connection to the Earth, each other and to the entire Universe, the ultimate Expansion. Embodied Dance is open to all levels, including beginners and experienced practitioners. To see when is the next Embodied Dance, click HERE.



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