Mahamudra Meditation

Given in the discourses describing Tilopa, a Tantric Master who is regarded as the founder of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, Osho presented the technique of Mahamudra Meditation. Maha meaning 'Great' and Mudra meaning 'Gesture', this meditation is known as the Great Gesture, potentially leading one to experience a state of dissolution into Existence. Mahamudra meditation is a very delicate & passive technique that utilises free movement, gestures of surrender and silence. This technique touches one's heart in an instant.

Mahamudra Meditation

Stage 1: Latihan movment - the meditator allows his/her body to move in accordance with the universal energy in the form of very gentle free flow/dance. 

Stage 2:  Prayer - the meditator becomes a channel, receiving energy from the Sky and pouring it into the Earth through gentle movements. 

Stage 3: Silence - resting in the vastness of Silence as a pure Witness


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