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For those who have the opportunity, retreats are wonderful ways to connect on a deeper level to your Self. Having a daily meditation practice or a weekly group meditation is extremely beneficial, but to allocate several days for your own inner exploration can take you to an incredibly enriching place! No responsibilities, no roles to play or fulfill, surrounded by nature, in the company of supportive group energy, healthy food for body and mind and the opportunity to simply connect to your innermost being...retreats are priceless gifts to give yourself, because they continue to support your peace of mind long after the retreat is finished, which in turn supports all those around you.


Upcoming Retreats in 2016


* 7D/6N Active Meditation Retreat in Sideman, Bali, 20th - 27th November, 2016






5D/4N We will go to Stream Garden Retreat Centre in Southern Thailand, 28th May - 1st June 2015 for an active meditation retreat with Maitreya and Satsanga! Read more HERE.



Come spend a week with us on a 7-day/6-night Active Meditation Retreat to the beautiful Sidemen, Bali, 22nd Nov - 28th Nov 2015! Details are HERE




4D/3N Active Meditation Retreat with Maitreya at Lucky Valley Resort, Pahang, 1st - 4th May, 2014. Join us for our 6th trip to Lucky Valley with Maitreya as he guides us for 4D/3N in an extremely enriching active meditation retreat. In this retreat, one can simply leave all roles and responsibilities aside as Maitreya gently guides us through cathartic cleansing to delicate states of silence. Dropping of the Ego and the Mind, one will find inner peace through Osho-inspired movement, dance, music, vocal sounds, breath & silent observation, while being warmly embraced by the purity of organic orchards and virgin jungles. Lucky Valley Resort has three mystical meditation halls surrounded by pristine nature that support our inner process beautifully, and with Maitreya's guidance, this is a journey not to be missed! More details are coming soon! To see photos of our previous Lucky Valley retreats, view HERE.



 Videography by Ani Ashok; Photos and video clips by Amber Sawyer




7D/6N Active Meditation Retreat in Sideman, Bali, 16th - 22nd November, 2014


While developing our meditation practice in an urban environment is essential for daily living, there is something uniquely special about retreating into nature to deepen one's inner journey. Within a natural environment, one can renew the senses, rejuvenate the body & mind, and find the space for reflection, contemplation, stillness & silence. We invite you to join us for our 2nd 7D/6N meditation retreat facilitated by Maitreya and Amber amongst terraced-rice fields and the Unda river in the mountainside of East Bali. More info coming soon. Please contact Satsanga to be informed of more details.

(current photo is from a previous year; dates will be 16th - 22nd November 2014) Click HERE for more details

Videography by Ani Ashok, photos and films by Amber Sawyer



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