Satsanga Angels

As the Satsanga Community expands, the help of many hands are needed in order to support its expansion! The Satsanga Angels are volunteers that have completed the Satsanga Active Meditation Facilitator Training and are assisting Satsanga in many ways, including meditation facilitation, event set up / clean up, door registrations, social media & more :) <3.  If you see these angels around, please give them an extra hug and a thank you! :) Without them, Satsanga would not run the same way! :) Some of these angels are also facilitating their own events, so do check out their personal work too.



Amy Mak

This dear soul sister joined the Singa Satsanga family in 2010 through the practice of kirtan, true to her style as she has one of the most bhakti hearts on the planet! :) <3 Through the years, Amy has since become more involved with Satsanga activities, being the primary inspiration for our family art projects & community events. She also regularly facilitates weekly meditations for Satsanga and holds space for our monthly Women Sacred Circles. Additionally, Amy offers private and group yoga classes within the temple of her own home. To read more about Amy's offerings, see HERE.




Owen Yeoh

Owen started his journey with Singa Satsanga in 2011. Although initially an infrequent visitor, his time with this beautiful community would eventually grow to be where he calls home. His first steps in his spiritual journey would see Owen dabble in different expressions of spirituality, from meditating under a pyramid, to the use of Tibetan singing bowls, to working with his breath. All this came together when he experienced Dynamic Meditation, an OSHO Active Meditation technique. Experiencing the technique for 21-days allowed him to build a foundation for his personal journey towards self-awareness. He has built on this foundation, by first expanding with the many OSHO active meditation techniques, and now opening himself to various techniques that resonate and support his journey. Owen supports through service to the community, from setting up the space for weekly meditations to sharing meditation techniques. He is an incredible builder of community, a compassionate leader, and is often organising many of the Satsanga get togethers, as well as facilitating Ananda Mandala Meditation & Quantum Breathwork, in addition to the Active Meditations.



Radhika Banu

Our sister Radhika appeared in the heart of Satsanga in 2010. She brings with her a heart of devotion, service and humility, sharing these vibrations with all those whose paths she meets. You can find Radhika dancing freely in our dance meditations, enjoying kirtan and supporting the regular events at Satsanga. She frequently helps to set up Satsanga space, facilitate active meditations and also handle the fun work of door registrations for events :). Radhika is a devoted yoga practitioner and teaches a variety of classes with Ananda Marga, as well as offers private yoga instruction. 




Roghini Meiporul

Roghini found Satsanga in 2012, through her journey of forgiveness and learning to love herself, and has since become more and more involved with this expanding community. She brings an authentic, generous heart and a bhakti spirit, as well. As a profession, Roghini provides secretarial support, whereas her passion lies with dancing and exploring energy healing techniques. As a Satsanga Active Meditation Facilitator, she has found a calling to help empower woman to take control and reconnect with the Divine power within themselves through active meditation. She believes that anyone can find peace and create a life they love to live without limitations. "Satsanga is a place where you are loved as being you. A place I call home and people whom I call family." You can find Roghini helping to set up space for events, facilitating meditations and helping with Satsanga's social media. Roghini is one of those sisters you can approach with anything and she will always help within her capacity <3.



Sharanyaa De Laure

With a head for business and a heart for community, Sharanyaa is fearless in the pursuit of what sets her soul on fire. An entrepreneur with a passion for a colourful life, Sharanyaa is also a classically trained soprano and a certified facilitator of active meditations at Satsanga. She enjoys sharing her gifts with this community through song, laughter, bear hugs, dance, meditation and laddoos :-). 









Skye Yeo

This vibrant angel joined Satsanga in 2013 and brings a radiant joy & enthusiasm to all Satsanga events, and sometimes is accompanied by her very own two little twin munchkins that add vibrancy to the Satsanga family! Skye is great with organization and helps with social media retreat announcements and event set up. She has a heart of gold and is always offering a thousand hands of help to those who need <3. 







Stephanie Bovis

Meditation came into Stephanie's life at an opportune time. She joined Singa Satsanga back in 2012, and since then the meditation community has become a staple, grounding part of her life. Her experience with the community allowed her to realise the importance of not just physical health, but also mental health as well. Through this exposure and consistent practice of primarily Osho-inspired active meditations, Stephanie has found a way to anchor her sometimes chaotic life, and has allowed her to find that counterbalance to her "wild child" nature. Stephanie's realisation is that meditation is for everyone, and no matter your background and experience, we all have our own unique ways to finding our "center," the eye of our storm.​ Stephanie received her Active Meditation Facilitator training back in July 2015, and has since frequently held meditations for groups, both small and large, with the hopes of inspiring positive change in the lives of others. She is one of the facilitators for the meditations held every Tuesday night in Boon Keng.






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