Shiva Devi Dance Journey

Join us for our next Shiva Devi Dance Journey uniquely facilitated by Daniel Rojas and Amber Sawyer, bringing into harmony the masculine and feminine through meditative dance.

In this ceremonial evening, we will gently warm up the body and then fly into an ecstatic dance journey, softly landing into a guided meditation, accompanied by live drums & sacred scents. Daniel brings more than 20 years as a professional dancer, yogi & meditator, and Amber brings more than 17 years experience as a yogi and active meditation facilitator. Together they will inspire us to explore our inner most Self through free movement, consciousness, play, rhythm and spontaneity. No dance experience is necessary - we are simply coming together to find freedom through spontaneous movement & self expression!


Shiva Devi Dance Journey

a form of ecstatic dance

Sunday 21st May

7:30pm - 9:00pm

$ 35

at CSC, 60 Tessensohn Road, Level 2 Dance Studio


* Wear loose clothing that you can move in comfortably and bring a water bottle. 



About Daniel & Amber:

Amber and Daniel not only fell in love, unconditionally intertwining their hearts, but they have also come together in a creative and collaborative way to run Satsanga and to offer sharings of yoga, meditation, dance & more to the Satsanga community. Daniel has a rich history of more than 20 years as a professional dancer / performer and is also a dedicated yogi, meditator, nutritionist and movement expert. Amber has more than 17 years cumulative experience as a yogi, active meditation facilitator, ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and creative light being! :) Together, they have poured their love into the offering known as Shiva Devi Dance Journey, a ceremonial ecstatic dance that plays with the balance of masculine and feminine, bringing us into wholeness through free movement. 



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