- a healing voice workshop with Sudha
Thursday 20th April
7:30pm - 9:30pm 
$ 40
at Urban Spirit, 4 Lorong Telok, 03-01

When we chant, we activate and open our chakras. These wheels of spiralling energy hold subtle frequencies of our deepest subconscious, therefore when blocked or tangled, we feel 'tight' or anxious. As we become aware of these energy centres, we may use the power of 'practice' to heal and balance our centres. We will compliment our chanting with practices such as group guided meditation and intuitive heart singing, which really allows us to drop into a space of Oneness. This is where profound healing can happen and cultivation of deep inner peace. When we are at peace, we take that peace out into a world and immerse it into our environments and everyone we come into contact with. This is an act of service! 

Coming together in a group in this way, with shared intention and focus, helps to lift ourselves and each other to higher frequencies. Sound is such a simple yet powerful key to open the energy flow throughout the body. The voice is a precious instrument, and when unlocked, it can create true miracles.

No previous experience of chanting is required, everyone is welcome! This is a space for those who long to let their hearts be heard and are looking to find their authentic voice - a powerful channel for self expression. Sudha has been working with sound and silence as meditation for the last 15 years, mostly through performance, and is now expanding that experience out into creating a more intimate way of connecting to one other at such an important time for unity. She will gently guide the group from a place of deep silence into sound and celebration.
 About Sudha

Originally from Denmark, Sudha’s background in dance, drama and music reaches back to her childhood, where she also developed an early interest in self-discovery and the mysteries of our seen and unseen world. Music and dance then became the vehicle through which she expressed her journey of discovery and her passion for creating an atmosphere of healing and universal love.

Sudha has been performing internationally through Europe, Australia, USA, Japan and India at concerts, festivals and meditation events in different constellations with musicians like Maneesh de Moor, Darpan, Ravi and Andy Blissett to name a few.

In 2006, a deep process at the Oneness University near Chennai, India, Sudha experienced a profound shift in consciousness and found a path via which she could access the Divine source of energy. This energy is now transmitted through her singing and is available to all who choose to join Sudha through listening to her live in concert or via her recordings.

music catalogue
In 2004 Sudha released her first album: “Planet Love” - a collection of chants and songs from Hawaií, Native America and the Sufi tradition; produced by Maneesh de Moor.

Second album was “Sharanam: (2007) - an album of deeply meditative and devotional mantras in Sanskrit, best know for the track Om Bhagavan which has been played in many yoga classes and alternative radio stations across the world.

In 2014 came the release of a thirds album, “In Her Name”, sacred mantras and chants honouring the Divine Feminine. On this album Sudha worked with producer/composer and multi instrumentalist, Praful, known for his compositions for Deva Premal.

In addition to her own albums, Sudha has also guested a long list of recordings for other artists - ranging in styles from world fusion, smooth jazz, pop, dance and devotional. For more info visit the website.


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