Toning Meditation

Toning Meditation

Though this is not an Osho active meditation, the concept is similar in that we utilise sound and vibrations to calm and centre the Mind, allowing us to enter a state of meditation.

This particular toning meditation was developed by Heather Macauley, who brought together two techniques learned from Wayne Dyer and Andrew Weil that utilise sounds of attraction (Ah) and gratitude (Om) sung along with music that has subliminal tones of the same sounds the brain makes when in the delta state, the deepest state of meditation. We will repeat three rounds of the toning (10 min each), followed by silent sitting (15 min) & observation during this 45-min technique.

'Toning oxygenates the body, deepens breathing, relaxes the muscles, and stimulates the energy flow.  When performed by a voice rich in timbre, toning will massage and tune up the entire body…. One of the simplest ways to calm your mind, stabilize the rhythms in your body, and improve your voice is through toning or humming….' Don Cambell

Ah       The ah sound immediately evokes a relaxation response. 

Oh       The oh and om sounds are considered the richest of all by many people who tone or chant.


This toning-meditation, developed by Heather Macauley, combines concepts from Manifest Your Destiny (Dr. Wayne Dyer) and psychoacoustic music from Sound Body, Sound Mind: Music for Healing (Andrew Weil, M.D.)




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