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Yoga, union, is a beautiful way of living in which the practitioner seeks freedom & wholeness through actions, thoughts, relations, diet, postures, breath & awareness. There are many ways to practice this 'state', and the most common in our society now is through physical postures. Though we know yoga is much more than just the asanas (physical positions), we do offer 'yoga' classes which take the practitioner through a mindful journey of body positions, combined with breathwork & awareness. At Satsanga, we offer Elemental Yoga, which is a form of hatha yoga inspired by Yin-postures, that creates a gentle, moving yogic-meditation and is guided by the Elements of Nature, based on elemental meridian theory. We also offer the practice of bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion) through kirtan. See below for Elemental Yoga descriptions and you can also follow the link to understand more about the practice of kirtan.
Elemental Yoga with Amber
Elemental Yoga is a unique system of yoga that integrates the wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Shamanism and Yoga into a holistic lifestyle practice both on and off the mat. This system of yoga aims to bring union or harmony to the 5-elements within the body/mind constitution based on the perspective that any disease or imbalances in the body/mind are a result of disharmony in our elemental energies (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space).

Elemental Yoga uses physical postures to strengthen and stretch the meridian pathways, as well as uses breath-work, mudras, meditation and lifestyle recommendations to bring harmony to the elemental system within the body/mind. The 5 elements each correspond to different parts of the body, specific meridian pathways, emotions and mental tendencies.

This system of Yoga is unique in that it empowers the individual to design a more specific yoga practice to therapeutically address imbalances and to develop a closer relationship with nature, ultimately leading to a greater awareness of our own inner nature – leading to a state of Yoga!


How to experience Elemental Yoga?

Elemental Yoga is available ONLINE with Amber
  • In this online video series, we have created short yoga sequences to bring harmony to each of the 5-elements, by designing a flow of postures to move energy along the elemental meridian pathways. Whether you are looking to simply learn yoga / improve strength and flexibility / or to therapeutically address elemental imbalances, these sequences are open to all (beginners and seasoned practitioners).
  • Prenatal Elemental Yoga Series: This series created by Amber is for mothers to be who would like to keep up their yoga practice
  • Elemental Meditations: This series of guided meditations are wonderful as a complement for each Elemental Yoga Series and are uniquely facilitated by Amber

Group Elemental Yoga classes with Amber

  • Join Amber in this 6-week series in which we integrate breath and yoga asanas (postures) to create a gentle, moving yogic-meditation. Elemental Restorative Yoga is a class inspired by Yin-postures, creating a gentle, moving yogic-meditation that is guided by the Elements of Nature and based on elemental meridian theory. Primarily working on the ground and with relaxation postures. Each week we will explore a different element (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space) and culminate in an intergrated 5-elemental sequence. These classes are suitable for absolute beginners or experienced practitioners. Class series will always be announced on the homepage or you can inquire with Satsanga for special bookings.



Private Sessions: Retreats, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama

Private individual or private group sessions can be arranged for those wishing to go further in their personal journey. Such sessions can include yoga asanas (postures), active or passive meditation instruction, gong meditation, pranayama instruction, or combinations of the above. Additionally, for those interested to do their own personal, silent retreat, sessions can be arranged (1-hour to several days) either with instruction & structuring or without instruction (simply leaving you to use the meditation room on your own). Please inquire.


Rates vary.

Please inquire.


7A Cambridge Road

* Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Elemental Yoga

* Elemental Yoga Therapy 1:1 

*Active & Passive Meditation

* Gong Meditation

* Pranayama

* Personal yoga/meditation retreats

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