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We are Satsanga, a community of Truth. What started out as a weekly meditation meeting in 2009 has blossomed into a vibrant, conscious, welcoming community of individuals who have an interest in self-development, personal evolution, conscious awakening and a desire to connect with other like-hearted beings journeying on a path of awareness. Over the years we have gone through many transformations, and currently meet in various places around Singapore to explore active meditations together. We are a community without label, dogma or creed, and all are welcome to join us and practice these scientific based methods of meditation & mindfulness.



For more than 8 years, we have gathered every Tuesday evening to practice active meditations using sound and/or movement to bring us into a state of awareness. These methods are easy to learn and open to everyone, regardless of experience. Additionally, we practice Osho Dynamic Meditation monthly, as well as offer special events such as Death Meditation and Active Meditation Workshops to deepen our practice. 




Gift yourself with the opportunity to deepen your meditation practice by participating in a retreat. What better way to connect inwards than to take a rest from our busy schedules and dive into a nourishing container for self reflection, meditation, nature, relaxation & the support of community. We offer several international retreats in exotic locations throughout the year, as well as half-day and full-day urban meditation retreats. 


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Develop your understanding of active meditations and/or share with others, as well as learn to build & nourish community through our 5-Module Practice Certificate in Active Meditation, offered yearly.





Moving from the Periphery to the Centre

Active Meditations are structured meditation methods that consciously bring the practitioner from the periphery to the Centre of the storm, to that place of Witnessing, to that place where one can reside in Awareness while all continues to exist around them. By using movement or sound, combined with our full attention, we are able to step by step bring our mindfulness to more subtle sensations, moving from the outside in, eventually becoming aware of body, breath, physical sensations, emotions, thoughts & the gaps of silence in between them. It is in this place of watchfulness that we become FREE to fully experience our present moment.



"Meditation is a witnessing on three levels: action of the body, thoughts of the mind, feelings of the heart. Once a person becomes aware of these three things, the fourth step happens on its own accord. A quantum leap, suddenly she is at her very center, which is her deathless life. You can call it her soul, her being, and it is the greatest bliss in existence. There is nothing above it." - Osho





Tuesday Evening Weekly Meditations


For more than 8 years, we have held weekly Tuesday evening meditations. However, due to many transitions over the last few years, we have decided to unfortunately discontinue the weekly meditations for now. Please join us for our final Tuesday meditation together on 12 Dec 2017. Following this, we will meet for active meditation workshops, events, special sessions and retreats on an announced basis. Please join our mailing list to find out more.

The FINAL Tuesday Meditation

Tuesday 12 Dec

7:30pm - 9:00pm

$ donation

at Blk 5 Boon Keng Road #03-70, S330005


9-Days Osho Dynamic Meditation


This is an incredible technique for releasing stagnant energy, expressing and cleansing emotion, reducing stress and clearing the chatter of the mind, so as to allow a deeper entry into silence. This is a unique opportunity to practice Osho Dynamic Meditation for 9 mornings in a row (or as many as you can make!)

Osho Dynamic Meditation

Saturday 18 Nov - Sunday 26 Nov 2017

06:45am - 8:00am

$50 drop in, $200 for 5, $300 for 9

CSC Dance Studio, 60 Tessensohn Road, Level 2


4D/3N Active Meditation Retreat with Maitreya, Bali, Indonesia


Relax & rejuvenate your body & mind while deepening your meditation practice, set amongst the lush nature of Bali, Indonesia. This meditation retreat offers a full week of structured meditations, plenty of time for rest, organic vegetarian food, guidance of an incredible teacher & the support of conscious community. 

14 - 17 Dec 2017

5-Module Practice Certificate in Active Meditation Facilitation 

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If you are keen to further your understanding of active meditations and/or to share with others, as well as to build & nourish community, we will offer the next round of our 5-Module Active Meditation Facilitator Training Course 25 - 30 March 2018, Ubud, Bali. 


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Satsanga is not contained within the walls of a particular address. We are a dynamic community that gathers in many places, primarily based in Singapore. Our Tuesday evening meditations take place at a residence in Boon Keng and some of our other events are at rented studios around Singapore, unless indicated differently. Please note the venue locations for each event. 

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