We are Satsanga, a community of Truth. What started out as a weekly meditation meeting in 2009 has blossomed into a vibrant, conscious, welcoming community of individuals who have an interest in self-development, personal evolution, conscious awakening and a desire to connect with other like-hearted beings journeying on a path of awareness. Over the years we have gone through many transformations, and currently meet in various places around Singapore to explore active meditations together. We are a community without label, dogma or creed, and all are welcome to join us and practice these scientific based methods of meditation & mindfulness.


Amber Sawyer, PhD / Founder, Lead Facilitator, Mamma of Satsanga


Once upon a time, Amber opened the doors of her home & heart in 2009 to share meditation and yoga for friends. These friends brought more friends, and this became the start of the Satsanga community nearly a decade ago in Singapore, nourished annually with visits from exceptional Teachers through 2018. The community has undergone many transformations since that time, and most recently, we have transitioned to an event basis for meditation sessions (soon to resume weekly gatherings, following a sabbatical!). To help those deepen their practice, Amber is available for private sessions (meditation guidance, training, yoga, Elemental Lifestyle Consultations, group or private bookings).

With almost 20 years of study & practice in the areas of Yoga, Ayurveda & Meditation, as well as a PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the field of stem-cell tissue repair, Amber has a unique perspective on healing & self-discovery through the combinatorial influence of scientific and ancient wisdoms. Since 2000, Amber has studied directly under the tutelage of many Masters, learning to share Active Meditations (using sound & movement), as well as being certified in more than 900 hours of Universal Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga & Mindful Birth, Elemental Yoga Therapy and 1400 hours of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselling.

After many successful years of running Satsanga, Amber has expanded her work internationally and continues to offer special workshops for Satsanga. Her current work can be found here: www.embodiedelementals.com

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Owen Yeoh - Facilitator, Community Nourisher


Just recently, Owen was successfully managing his own consultancy firm. It was focused on developing the Singapore workforce, developing national frameworks, competency standards and conducting training and assessment sessions. This was, in many ways, the culmination of his interest in developing the mental aspect of a person, an interest that runs all the way back to his teenage years. In 2009, in his quest to better develop a person, Owen began searching into the other personal aspects. He started looking at the physical, emotional and spiritual.

Owen began exploring the aspects of emotional healing and meditation. The different expressions that he was first exposed to include meditating under a pyramidal-shaped hat, use of Tibetan Singing Bowls, and breathwork. His search ultimately led to the doorsteps of Satsanga in 2011. It was at Satsanga that Owen first came to the works of Indian mystic, OSHO, particularly his Active Meditation techniques. This all culminates with his experience of Dynamic Meditation. In the last seven years, this has been his core work. Twice a year he would dive deep into the technique, completing cycles of 21-days or more each time.

Throughout his exploration of meditation, Owen has always held the understanding that the breath is a key component to building a mindful practice and a state of greater self-awareness. This led to his exposure of breathwork. The techniques he has found most helpful are Quantum Breath Meditation and Ananda Mandala Meditation, both of which he has incorporated into his personal practice alongside the active meditation techniques.

Owen supports through service to the community and by sharing meditation techniques. He is an avid builder of community and a compassionate leader. He is available as a personal coach or a compassionate listener through private sessions.