Practice Certificate in Active Meditation Facilitation


Do you have an interest to deepen your understanding and experience of active meditations and/or a desire to share them with others? We offer a unique 5-module Practice Certificate in Active Meditation Facilitation. These modules are stand alone modules that allow the individual to better appreciate the various active meditation techniques as introduced by Osho. The modules also explore the art of facilitation, how to hold meditative space, how to build & nurture community, to set boundaries, to honor energy exchange, as well as understanding the active meditations on a deeper level.


You will be awarded.a certificate of attendance for each module attended. Completing all 5 modules qualifies the participant to be awarded The Practice Certificate in Facilitation of Active Meditation. To qualify for the practice cert, individuals must complete all 5 modules within the span of 24 (or 30) months.



Module 1: 

Into to Active Meditations

The Space: preparation, how to hold space, cleansing

The Art: opening, during, closing a session

The Self: practice, qualities, boundaries, energy exchange

The Community: how to build & nurture

The Techniques: Nadabrahma & Gourishankar Meditations


Module 2: 

The Air: establishing trust, secularism, vocabulary

The Bizarre: introducing preparatory methods, latihan, free movement

The Techniques: Devavani & Mahamudra Meditations


Module 3: 

The Complex: multitasking while facilitating

The Energy: working with energy, holding space with free movement

The Techniques: Chakra Sounds, Kundalini Meditations


Module 4: 

The Facilitation of Movement

The Techniques: Sufi Dance, Mandala


Module 5: 

The Ultimate: purpose, safety, catharsis, awareness

The Technique: Dynamic Meditation, Chakra Breathing Meditation




Modules 1-3 are offered twice a year (Spring & Autumn), while modules 4&5 are offered once a year (Winter). Participants must complete Modules 1-3 before embarking on Modules 4&5. Individuals may opt to sign-up on a modular or on a certification basis.

  • Module 1: 14th /15th Oct 2017
  • Module 2: 28th/29th Oct 2017
  • Module 3: 11th/12th Nov 2017
  • Module 4: 13th/14th Jan 2018
  • Module 5: 27th/28th Jan 2018

Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm Sat / Sun

*** You must reserve a spot in advance so that we have at least 5 participants to run a module. If you are keen to join but cannot make these dates, please inquire about either private sessions or make up dates.


  1. Option 1: $750 per module for Modules 1-3 and $850 per module for Modules 4&5. 
  2. Option 2: $3,000 for full certification (5 modules) (full price $3,950). 

A minimum of 5 participants is required for sessions to run.


As this is a Practice Certificate, there will be a built-in practicum. Participants will be required to lead each technique twice to be awarded the certificate of attendance for that module. A spirit of open and cooperative practice/learning space will be encouraged. Practicum opportunities will be held twice monthly and with guidance, evaluation & feedback.


The facilitation of modules and practicum, leading up to the Practice Certificate, is jointly presented by Amber Sawyer and Owen Yeoh. Light snacks and tea will be provided during each training and practicum session.